Eight individuals have answered the call to be Warden and Protector of the Snoqualmie Territory. Since the 1872 they have stood at the threshold of this world and the others and tried to ensure the well being of both. Their stories are deeply woven into the Strange fabric of this land. It can be a difficult and dangerous job. More than one Snoqualmie Warden has given their life. It is also a job filled with immeasurable beauty and wonder. To some polite folk their deeds and experiences may seem like fantasy. They are not. Anyone with a willingness and a bit of guidance can see it for themselves.

The Wardens of the Snoqualmie Territory

Jonathan Yates
1872 -1993

Jarl Dahlstrom
1893- 1904

Sylvi Dahlstrom
1904 - 1925

Akio Masatoki
1925 - 1942

No Warden
(Ranger, Pete Peterson stands in)

1942 - 1945

Mike Neely (Doc)
1945 - 1956

Rosemary Simpson
1969 - 1988

Jerry Black
1985 - 2008

Jim St. James
2008 - Present