Report Strange Occurrances

It is not uncommon for those who adventure in the Snoqualmie Territory to encounter Strange situations directly. It might be as simple an animal, plant, waterway, or rock formation exhibiting curious and unusual behavior. Sometimes it is electronic or mechanical equipment acting up. Other times it's actually sighting Strange creatures or perceiving subtle entities. Some folks wander into full blown realm shifts and time/space anomalies.

These encounters can be bright and enchanting or dark and unsettling. Either way, if something Strange happens to you while you're exploring the Snoqualmie Territory, please report it.

There are

2 Ways to Report
The Quick & Easy Way

Make a social media post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube and use the hashtag:


Include the time, date and location of the occurrence. Pictures and video always help.
Be sure to make your post "public" so it can be seen by Warden Jim. He performs regular searches for that tag.

If you can, make the post before you get too deep into a Strange situation, so the Warden knows where to start his investigation in case you go missing.

Follow him on Facebook for updates on Strange investigations.

The Detailed & Direct Way

Email a report to the Warden at:

Details are important — especially any “random” thoughts that seemed to pop into your head just before or during the event. Include the time, date and location of the occurrence. The Warden has interst in both current and past encounters. Pictures are always helpful.

Warden Jim does not always reply directly to emailed reports, but he or one of his agents will investigate all significant concerns.

Please note, the contents of reports may be shared anonymously on social media to warn others.

Use the email address in the footer below for all non-encounter related communication.