Quirky, New Book Becomes Best Seller
in Six Days

May 7, 2017 — Snoqualmie, Washington, King County

First-time, independent author, Warden Jim St. James, released his quirky new book, Snoqualmie Strange: Mist Gate — A Most Peculiar Hiking Guide, on April 28, 2017. The Warden radically repurposed the format of a hiking guide to present compelling, immersive stories and playful philosophical insights. Without any pre-marketing or paid advertising, the book racked up close to 900 paperback book sales and digital Kindle downloads in just six days. By midnight on the sixth day 100 percent of reviews were 5-Star, and Amazon marked it a Best Seller. Warden Jim St. James utilized the tools of Amazon’s Kindle Direct publishing platform to achieve this stunning success.

“People long for real, magical adventure. Utilizing the Amazon Kindle Direct publishing platform, I was able to craft this unusual, new experience in the specific way that I knew would resonate with readers. Because of the book’s radical approach, I don’t think a traditional publisher would have ever given it a chance,” said Warden Jim St. James.

Jim St. James is the current Warden and Protector of the Snoqualmie Territory. Formerly, the Warden served as an infantry soldier in the U.S. Army. He fought forest fires in Yellowstone National Park, and he was an accomplished mountain climbing guide in Washington State. He’s explored the Subtle Realms in depth through meditation, vision quests, and sweat lodge ceremonies. Today, the mists of the legendary Snoqualmie Falls ebb and flow over his mountain home near Seattle where he lives with his wife and two kids. They are all happy to call bears and bobcats their neighbors.

Snoqualmie Strange: Mist Gate — A Most Peculiar Hiking Guide is like no other guidebook before it. The curious tome is filled with legendary tales, mystic exercises, true history, little-known hikes through mysterious ruins, and it has an appendix filled with detailed descriptions of the odd tools the Warden carries when he patrols the strange and supernatural landscape of the Snoqualmie Territory. Even without strapping on boots and hiking the trails, the material in this book will resonate with anyone who suspects there's more to reality than polite society likes to admit.

More information can be found at: www.SnoqualmieStrange.com.

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